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Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Nepal’s jungles are home to some of the most unique and rare animals in all the world. The warm subtropical Terai region of Nepal houses such animals as Royal Bengal tigers, rhinos, leopards wild elephants, sloth bears, monkeys, crocodiles, four kinds of dear and over 250 species of exotic birds. The Terai region is home to the Royal Chitwan and Bardia national parks. This wildlife parks were established to protect these endangered animals and the environment they live in. They are the premier places in Asia to enjoy a true jungle experience. Our packages include everything from jungle activities to accommodations to transportation to and from the parks. Just E-mail a message to us and we’ll take care of all the details. So come join us on the ultimate Nepal safari.

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  • Royal Suklaphant Wildlife Reserve
    Royal Suklaphant Wildlife Reserve

    The Royal Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve (28°49’-28°57’; 80°07’-80°15’E) lies in the extreme south west of the Terai and covers an area of. 305 sq km (including extension area) and ranges in altitude from 90-270 m. The vegetation cover within the reserve has been estimated as approximately two-third forest and one-third grassland (Balson, 1976). Of these, the Suklaphanta grassland is probably the largest patch of grassland of Nepal,…

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  • Royal Chitwan National Park
    Royal Chitwan National Park

    Officially gazette in 1973, this was the first area in Nepal to be declared a national park. Situated in the Rapti valley in the tropical lowlands of the inner Terai, it covers an area of 932 square kilometers. It has 6 premier jungle resorts scattered inside its boundaries. The rugged Churia hills, sal forests, grassland and riverine forests including swamps and lakes made by changing river courses, provide excellent habitats for an unusually…

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  • Royal Bardia National Park
    Royal Bardia National Park

    This national park is located in the mid-west Teria region. This  is smaller than Chitwan but houses of the same exotic animals and jungle environment of the Terai. It was officially gazetted in 1976. A small population of Gharial crocodiles still survives in the Karnali river along with the mahseer fish. Wilderness and Wilderness in the relatively unexplored deep jungles of far western Nepal where wildlife is more that abundant. Remote,…

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  • Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
    Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

    This is Nepal’s smallest reserve, encompassing an area of 65 sq. kilometers in the Koshi flood plain in the eastern Terai. It is located in Eastern Nepal and can be accessed from the Mehendra Highway. The reserve is also home to the water buffalo (called arna), deer, nilgai, mugger crocodile, Ganges River Dolphin (also called the Gangetic Dolphin), and over 280 species of birds. In additional to wildlife, the Reserve also protects a…

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