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A unique landscape unequalled in beauty ad variety, cultural diversity, aesthetically built monuments, rugged beauty and tranquility of the snow capped shimmering mountains, serenity and placidness the lakes and valleys, an unmatched collection of flora, fauna and wild life, diverse races, ethnic groups, dialects and languages all combine to make Nepal a visitor’s dream come true. For, there hardly is a country which, ethnic the confines of some 1,47,181 squares kilometers, offers so much to a visitor as Nepal does, add to this a civilization spanning thousand of years. What more a visitor can hope for?

Nepal occupies a unique  place in the comity of the nations. With exception of  some country in Asia, no other county in the worlds can boast of a continuity of history, culture, religion, architecture, arts and crafts and a society spanning many millennia. There, however, is one difference. While India first came under the sway of marauding Muslim conquerors and subsequently to the politico-commercial expansionism of the Christianity, Nepal, more or less, remained unaffected by either of them.

This jealousy guarded Kingdom alone, among the Asiatic nations, remained independent, proud with its head held as high as the crowing glory of Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), the world’s highest peak.

Nepal is unique topography- malarial infested jungles in the Terai in the south and snow capped towering mountain in the North had acted as a shield within which it remained unaffected. Having lived in isolation from the rest of the world, this country of smiling faces, ruffed beauty of its people and land-scape, its different regions had evolved a lifestyle which is unique this uniqueness is the result of Nepal having successfully synthesized two very varied and contradicted cultural strands that of the Hinduism and the Buddhism into one cohesive culture which is uniquely Nepali in characters.having said this, one may add that Brahmanic form of Hinduism substantial influences from Tibet. However, major socio-political-religious and cultural influences on Nepal have come from India with whom she has had relations virtually at every level of contacts for the past over 2500 years. This notwithstanding, Nepal has been able to retain its own identity in various fields.

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