Pashupatinath is Lord Shiva, the God of Gods .Pashupati means master of animals. Located on the west bank of the sacred Bagmati River in Devpatan, Pashupatinath is one of the most revered shrines for the Hindus. Lord Shiva,, one of whose manifesrarions is pashupatrinath, is the most worshipped among the pantheon of the Hindu Gods.

The Pashupatinath temple is one of the holiest temples of the world revered and worshipped bot h by Hindus and by Buddhists. It has ser a shining example of religious harmony. In the sanctum of the temple stands a Jyotirlinga (believe to have self appeared)  the like ok which is not found existent anywhere else in the world. It is a phallic idol, the symbol of Pashupatinath which has four images carved on its four sides. In front of the west gate of the temple is kept a colossal image of a GOLD guilt bull seated with composure on its four legs and with its eyes fixed on Lord Pashupatinath inside. It is mention in the Hindu scriptures that the bull is the carrier of Lord Shiva.

There is, is no dated record showing when the temple of Lord Pashupatinath was first built. It may, however, be assumed that it was initialy a simple structure of stone of some proportion which must have been rebuilt a number of times in the course of its development. It is recorded that  it was rebuilt and provided with a golden roof by King Shiva Deva 3  around 1120 A.D. and later frequently keep changin its structure and rebuilt till now.

The Nepalese people also have a tradition of worshipping Pashupatinath as the Buddha. The rituals that take place particularly on Gurupurnima ( the fullmoon day in the month of July) on which teacher are honoured and worshipped as equivalent of gods Lord Pashupatinath is the supreme Guru, and so is Lord Buddha- both of them teaching the value of love, humanity and universal peace

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